True Nutrition PeptoPro – Hydrolyzed Caseinate [Milk] (Unflavored 1lb.)

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True Nutrition PeptoPro – Hydrolyzed Caseinate [Milk] (Unflavored 1lb.) Description

Color:Unflavored 1lb. A recovery drink with fast peptides which is clear, stable and delicious?! Until recently, an impossibility. But now there is PeptoPro®, the ready-to-use DSM solution for your recovery drinks. Protein drinks Carbohydrates and fats are the only fuel the body needs. On the other hand, proteins supply energy and the building blocks for e.g. muscles, tissue and cell membranes. That is why they are used so much by sportspeople. Up to now they have had to content themselves with an unpalatable suspension of protein powder in water. To make protein clearly water soluble, it has to be hydrolysed. The resulting peptides are, however, often extremely bitter. Also, solutions of amino acids are no option because they are very reactive and unstable in solution and in addition are forbidden in the EU. Natural food protein is too big to be absorbed by the human gut. Our body has to digest the protein by breaking it down into smaller pieces which can be absorbed. Only single amino acids, and di- and tri-peptides can be directly absorbed in our intestinal tract via specific peptide importers. PeptoPro® contains 70-80% small di- and tri-peptides which are directly absorbed with digestion.

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