PeptoPro (Hydrolyzed Casein) 16oz

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PeptoPro (Hydrolyzed Casein) 16oz Description

Suggestions for Using PeptoPro PeptoPro is by far THE best protein to use post workout. There isn’t a protein powder or bodybuilding powder that is more effective than PeptoPro. But, it is important to use PeptoPro properly because if not you will experience a very bitter tasting, unenjoyable protein drink. If you weigh about 200lbs you want to use 3 to 5 Tbs of PeptoPro in approximately 24 to 32 oz of a juice type drink. We recommend Gatorade or Powerade. Alex Rogers, President of personally uses 4 Tbs of PeptoPro in 24 oz of Gatorade post workout. Simply add the PeptoPro to the juice drink and gently shake and the PeptoPro will completely dissolve. A blender is NOT needed. If you use more powder than this amount recommended or less liquid, the drink will become more and more bitter. What you are tasting is the di and tri peptides. Benefits of the hydrolyzed casein found in PeptoPro Protein – PeptoPro Protein is a hypo-allergenic milk protein product. – PeptoPro Protein is a safe and healthy nutritional ingredient. – PeptoPro Protein is a natural product. – PeptoPro Protein is a unique milk protein (casein) hydrolysate. – PeptoPro Protein is safe and allowed in all countries. – PeptoPro Protein is related to gaining energy. – PeptoPro Protein is a recovery ingredient for fast muscle refueling. – PeptoPro Protein is supported by human trails. – PeptoPro Protein is supported by the Dutch Olympic committee. – PeptoPro Protein is widely taken by Dutch professional athletes. – PeptoPro Protein is officially tested and free of any doping substances.

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